Friday, October 31, 2003

Season = Spring
You're Most Like The Season Spring ...

Fresh faced, with a young outlook on life - you
smile at the world and expect it to smile back
at you. You're mostly a bubbly, fun - innocent
person. Described as cute possibly. However,
you're a little naive about things and tend to
be a little too trustworthy.
As the first season, It Makes you the youngest -
and so most immature - but people are inclined
to look out for and protect you.

Well done... You're the most fun of the seasons :)

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Feeling kind of sad. Don't know why.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

I had the weirdest dream. I was in Level 6 and I was taking class with Lina, in this tiny tiny studio, it wasn't even as wide as the catwalk. There was room for a piano though. And there were only a couple people in there besides me and Lina. I don't think there was a teacher. Then these girls came in late and got really close to me at the barre (funnily enough that happens all the time in real life), so close that one girl's elbow was actually in my face. (?) Weird.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ding dong, the Chin is dead,
Which old Chin
Ding dong, the wicked Chin is dead...

Me and Sara used to sing that song all the time in P.E. Especially on run days. Remember that day he made us run in the rain? Ah, the nostalgia.

"Oh...I LOVE this song!"
-Captain Jack Sparrow
Cider Girl 127: !!!!!!!!!!!!
Cider Girl 127: so carter's watching king of the hill
Cider Girl 127: (i have no clue why)
iheartcrabs123: uh huh
Cider Girl 127: and dale, the neighbor goes "let's grow oranges in alaska!"
Cider Girl 127: and hank goes "dale, you gribblit head!"
iheartcrabs123: REALLY?!
Cider Girl 127: YES

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Last night I watched Bend it Like Beckham. It was okay. Script sucked though. And everyone talked really fast. Dunno if that's a British thing or if that's just the actors. I'm caught up in math now...amazingly enough. I never do my homework the night it's I'm usually a night or two behind. Tomorrow I have a "meeting" with my counselor...i think she wants to meet everybody. You know what's really good? Frozen banana slices. Bananas are definitely my favorite fruit...I heard about this trilogy Tuesday thing, when movie theaters are playing all of the lord of the rings movies, one after the other. I would LOVE to go to that but it's probably already sold out, just like the ROTK premier. But even if it wasn't, I couldn't get tickets cause you need some sort of code schmutz to buy them online. Fandango really, really sucks.

Friday, October 24, 2003's mod 8 and no one's in the courtyard yet so yeah... a little blogging. just got out of p.e., we didn't dress cause it's special schedule (means I don't have to get to school until 10:40, super). instead we watched clips of lowell football games (my p.e. teacher is the coach). it had a weird "soundtrack" all these bad rap songs. mr. k is definitely something of a rap person...he always puts on music in the weight gym; it's hilarious because you can totally see guys lifting to the music you know, like grunting in a manly way or whatever.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I feel really crappy right now. mostly it's dance class. when it sucks, so does the rest of your day. I did a miserable job on the pirouettes combination. It would be okay if I knew I could do better, but I don't. The most hopeful thing I can think right now is that perhaps it will improve with time. Why do I let my moods be controlled that way? And in English Jackie's group did a really awesome presentation, so now I get to go spend another couple hours touching up my part. You could tell that he did a LOT of revising...of OTHER people's writing. Some of his group members were just reading some original Jackie aloud. why doesn't he just go to honors and let us poor non-honors material type kids alone?

"You know, you wake up and look out the window. It's beautiful and sunny. Then you have a bad class and the day is ruined."
-Toni Bentley
from Winter Season