Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sydney, part five

On my last full day in Sydney, I met up with local blogger Rachel of The Creamy Middles. She'd always seemed on her blog like someone I would want to know in person, AND she offered to show me around the city. Aside from her being cool and Sydney being cool, I'd been hit by jet lag and a little travel-loneliness that day (only the second day, and never again until the end, strange, I know), An afternoon of frolicking across a new part of Sydney with this lovely creative spirit was just what the doctor prescribed.


We had an afternoon picnic of delicious macarons at  Mrs. Macquarie's Chair in the Botanic Gardens first. n.b. I always thought it was "macaroons" but apparently those are an entirely different beast. They came in attractive flavors like passion fruit, jasmine, and rose.



She told me about her adventuring in Italy earlier this year and played with my Diana. She was attacked by a magpie in the middle of explaining their belligerent tendencies to me, and told me to make sure I saw a galah while I was in Australia. [I did, when I was with my Perth beautifuls.]


We walked and walked around around the western side of the city. Woolamaloo, King's Cross, a little Paddington, some other names I can't remember now, and back to the city center.

She gave me the name of the beautiful purple-blossomed trees I'd seen around the city--jacaranda--and we played the accent/vocabulary game, and she assured me I didn't need to worry about looking first right, then left as I crossed streets, because nobody looks before crossing the street in Sydney. [Too much sky? That would be my explanation. In Australia, you must look up.]



She brought me to a park in her neighborhood where some clever knitters had clothed some of the tree branches, sculptures, bike racks, and sign posts in woolly sleeves.


And where there was a DANDELION FOUNTAIN. I shrieked a little when I figured it out.


She pointed to this apartment building. I like this name, she said. Me too.


And she showed me one of the fanciest (in a modern way) bathrooms I have ever seen. It was in an upscale shopping gallery. Very sleek. Very modern. Oui.

If you don't read Rachel's blog, you should start now with this post. I think if you like me, you will like her, because she is definitely a kindred spirit.

Rachel - thank you again for the nicest afternoon. If/when I move to Sydney, you will be the first person I tell.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not today, but sometime soon

I will tell you about Sydney.

I will tell you about Em, Amanda, Liv, Rachel, Shannon, and Steph.

And maybe a little about Perth.

I'm sitting on Em's kitchen counter with my laptop eating tiny pink and white marshmallows, and she's making cupcakes.

I have been tripping over the sidewalk inordinately often. Jet lag?

1. Kindred spirits are to be found.
2. Don't forget who they are when you've found them.
3. Tomorrow afternoon I fly to Queensland.