Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I'm at my aunt and uncle's house now. sort of near los angeles. It's nice seeing my relatives - well, most of them. My parents are making my sister visit all these colleges down here - and she's not interested in any of them - and they're making me go on all the tours. they're quite boring. and she has NO interest in any of them. actually her plan has her going to University of Australia, forget which one, or SF state. I'm pretty much set on UC Irvine, if I'm going to college right after high school. This computer is in a closet, which is actually pretty cool. Haha, I'm a closet blogger. And my dad and uncle (the only ones here right now) don't even know I'm home - think I'm out shopping with mom and Megan. So. Out and over.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

O komm doch, komm zu mir
Du nimmst mir den Verstand
O komm doch, komm zu mir
Komm gib mir deine Hand
Komm gib mir deine Hand
Komm gib mir deine Hand

O du bist so schön
Schön wie ein Diamant
Ich will mir dir gehen
Komm gib mir deine Hand
Komm gib mir deine Hand
Komm gib mir deine Hand

In deinen Armen bin ich glücklich und froh
Das war noch nie bei einer anderen einmal so
Einmal so, einmal so

O komm doch, komm zu mir
Du nimmst mir den Verstand
O komm doch, komm zu mir
Komm gib mir deine Hand
Komm gib mir deine Hand
Komm gib mir deine Hand

In deinen Armen bin ich glücklich und froh
Das war noch nie bei einer anderen einmal so
Einmal so, einmal so

Oh du bist so schön
Schön wie ein Diamant
Ich will mir dir gehen
Komm gib mir deine Hand...

I tell you, hearing that on the radio was the high point of my day.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Yay. Tomorrow I have only one class, not counting reg. But I have to sign in for math. I want to go to Wallenberg. Must get directions from Sara...

Oh dear. Gift Day (falls on the last school day of the year) is upon me, and I still have...*thinking* four? five? presents left to buy for school friends. I'm going shopping after ballet tonight, and if it weren't for that stupid class meeting tomorrow, I could get a lot done before reg as well. I wonder if my parents are going to let me skive off.

In German today, we were watching a most awesome subtitled movie called Run Lola, Run. I'm going to rent it over break and finish it.


Monday, December 15, 2003

Pintel: You. You’re supposed to be dead!
Jack : Am I not? [looks down on himself] Hmm. [turns around and attemps to walk away, finds himself facing several pistols. turns back, thinking.] Puhluley...puhlulehvoos...parleli...parsnip, parsley...par...par…
Ragetti: Parley?
Jack : Parley! That’s the one. Parley! Parley!
Pintel: Parley? Damned to the depths whatever man had thought of parley.
Jack : That would be the French.
Depp is a genius.

"Captain Jack Sparrow...a roguish pirate who could pass for the illegitimate spawn of rockers Keith Richards and Chrissie Hynde."
I'm at school, so I was finally able to visit sara's xanga. you have to wade through some confusing conversations about puberty and butts if you want to get to a real post, but it's very yellow monkey.


I got a lot of shopping done this weekend. went to stonestown with Jocie, got presents for Morgan, Rebecca, Mom, and...that's all I can remember. Then later somewhere else I got my Secret santa's present.

I got a video from the library for my modern world project, and it was really boring. I watched about 15 minutes, and it seemed like about 45. I had to turn it in late and pay a dollar, and all for naught. darn.


Friday, December 12, 2003

Sara was at Lowell! All day on Wednesday! In German, I kept turning around to talk to Grace or Peter or something and she would be gone, from her shadow seat in the back, and that would startle me. And then I would look around a few seconds later and she would be there, grinning scarily. It was kinda freaky. And then yesterday, I turned around again and THERE SHE WAS smiling so eerily in her white puffy jacket. I think I screamed a bit. It was brilliant, man. Sara besuchen macht Spass.

and THEN right after school pretty much me and Connie went to the CORONET (the coolest theater) to see THE RETURN OF THE KING an entire week it came out. We had spiffy spiffy seats, no one was even sitting in the seats directly in front of us. We only had to wait in line for about a minute, because Carter was near the front and we got to cut. Mr. Kim got us popcorn and we were sitting with Connie's friend Mia, who I don't know but seemed really nice. Also very LOTR-knowledgeable. We had to kill about 40 minutes before the movie, but it went pretty fast. Then the lights dimmed and the curtains parted (yes, they have curtains at the coronet. very cool.) and on came the new line cinema logo and "wingnut pictures presents". no previews. and then the movie! IT WAS AMAZING!

but now the journery is over and there shall be no more gorgeous films about wizards and beautiful elves and evil rings and furry-footed hobbits. we don't want the journey to end...

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

"Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now."
- Alex (listening to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony)
from A Clockwork Orange

Monday, December 8, 2003

Christmas presents - it's gonna be different this year. I don't want to get people weird little trinkets this year, like I always do. And after three years of pretty much the same crowd, there's no ambiguity about which ones are actually my friends. So there aren't that many school friends I'm getting presents for. This is mainly because of the secret santa circle - I won't need to get anyone who's in it a present except for one. So there are a few good friends I'm getting presents for. I only want to give really good stuff though - so I'm can expect to spend a good long while shopping for presents.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

Hobbitsoup: your ballet class is special
I think a lot of the people in Ballet 5 are kind of stupid. For your entertainment, a sample of locker room conversation.

Ballet 5 Girl #1: "Chloe, I think your boobs are bigger than mine."

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "No, they just look bigger because she's so tiny."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "Thank you. Hey, do you think this leotard makes me look fat?"

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "No, it looks cute on you."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "You're always honest. You don't always say that I look good, because I don't always look good. If I don't look good, you say so. So I know that I can trust you."

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "Right, so when I say you look good, you know that you really do."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "Right. Do you think I should wear my hair high or low? I think low, because I look like a she-man when it's high."

Ballet 5 Girl #1: "I think my butt is getting bigger."

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "I think you should put some clothes on."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "Hey, let's pull up our tights really high and keep them that way for the entire class."

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Rat Race
Once again the blank page mocks me,
But when I speak only strangers’ words are heard.
Our language is of empty insights and gaudy revelations cause
Inspiration is hard to find in purgatory.
At 17 years old I’m standing on the edge of something big,
Something so big that I can’t even describe it, so big that I don’t even know what it is,
So big that it swallows me whole.
And as others, deservedly or undeservedly, move on to their respective futures,
I am stuck, like a rodent lacking steroids, left behind in this f*cking rat race.

-Julie Vinogradsky
I know what I'm gonna get my secret santa person now.

That's good.

My group's gotta present a German dialogue today and I just got the script. I don't know what went wrong, but I didn't get the email. Maybe she spelled it wrong or something. Yikes. Hope I can memorize it by mod 14.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003