Friday, October 29, 2021

Gratitudes & things that are making me happy


 • Watching hachiya persimmons ripen on my neighbors' trees, the fruit nearly the same color as the changing leaves

• Time off work

• Rainstorms, for my fire- and drought-plagued home

• Critically, a handy neighbor able to stop my roof leaking

• And for a very rainy-day lunch: hot chocolate and grilled cheese

• Fairy tales - I've been reading slowly through the first edition of the Grimm collection

Isn't It Romantic, the movie - lots of laughs on a recent weekday night

• The colors of the sunset reflecting in the puddles on the rooftop across the way

• New comfy work-from-home pants

• Finding nice, brand-new hiking boots in my size at a secondhand store, for under $40

• Al-Anon meetings, the kindness there and the feeling of hope and calm I receive

• Giving up on a book partway through sometimes 

• Giving up on books I own but haven't read, sometimes

• Booster shots for my girlfriend and my mom

• Juniper (our cat daughter)

• A daydream of learning to weave


  1. well, this is lovely, lovely list.

  2. I had no idea hachiya persimmons also grow in California. That's amazing!

    Thank you for sharing your list. It's very comforting, somehow, to read about simple happy things.

    1. If we haven't got the small things, what have we got? :P (Jk, obviously I have quite a lot, but that focus does help me, especially in tougher times, e.g. this year and the last). We are so lucky in what grows here! Are you a hachiya fan?

  3. We mostly get another variety (fuyu persimmons) in my supermarket and I love those!

    Totally agree about the small things. You're so right about that feeling of focus they can provide.

    1. Fuyus are more popular here too. Such a glorious family of fruit!