Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Midnighters #1: The Secret Hour

In Bixby, Oklahoma, time freezes at midnight, and a twenty-fifth hour belongs to the dark creatures of humanity's oldest nightmares - and to a handful of teenagers who call themselves Midnighters. The uneasy peace between midnight's human and darkling inhabitants is broken when a new Midnighter appears, a girl with a gift unlike any of the other Midnighters' special talents, one that the dark creatures fear above all the rest and will gather all their own powers to destroy.

I found this first book of Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters trilogy, The Secret Hour, fairly similar to the
Uglies books in that it was exciting, moved quickly, and really pulled me in, and the idea of a frozen hour and the rules by which one operates within it allowed for some pretty awesome ideas. Most of the enjoyment of the book was to be had in the reading of it; there wasn't that much for my thoughts to keep busy mulling over afterwards. The only thing that didn't work for me was the romance, which I found insufficiently developed, uninteresting, and unnecessary. A great ride of a book, though.

Grade: A


  1. I liked this first one a lot, enough to read the second, but then I never ended up reading the third. Oh well.

  2. I enjoyed the Midnighters Trilogy as well. I have to agree with you that the romance was undeveloped, especially between Jessica and Jonathan. But it was fast paced and engaging enough to keep me reading.